“And establish regular prayers at the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night: for those things that are good remove those that are evil: be that the word of remembrance to those who remember (their Lord)”. [Al-Qur’an 11:114]

There are a number of traditions on how salah is performed. The two most common forms are within the various Madhabs (Islamic schools of thought) of Sunni and Shia Islam. However, other forms also exist and it is upto individuals to inform themselves on which ritual they wish to follow.

1) [Takbir stance] Allaahu Akbar

God is the greatest!

2) [Al-qiyyam stance] Subhaanaka Allaahumma wabi hamdika wa tabaarakasmuka wa ta’aala jadduka wa laa ilaaha ghayruka

Glory be to You, O God , and all praises are due unto You, and blessed is Your name and high is Your majesty and none is worthy of worship but You.

3) A’oodhu billaahi minash-Shaytaanir-rajeem

I seek God’s protection from Satan the accursed.

4) Bismillaahhir-Rahmaanir-Raheem

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.

5) Alhamdul lillaahi rabbil ‘aalameen; Ar-rahmaanir-raheem; Maaliki yawmiddeen; Iyyaaka na’budu wa iyyaaka nasta’een; Ihdinas-siraatal mustaqeem; Siraatalladheena an’amta ‘alayhim; ghayril maghdubi ‘alayhim; waladdaal-leen. Ameen

Praise is only for God, Lord of the Universe; The most Compassionate, the Most Merciful; The Master of the Day of Judgement; You alone we worship and to You alone we pray for help; Show us the straight path, the path of those whom You have blessed, who have not deserved Your wrath, nor gone astray.


6b) [Before second ruku, Qunut in Shia prayer] Rabbanaa aatinaa fi’d-dunyaa hasantan wa fi’l-aakhirati hasanatan wa qinaa adhaab an-naar

O our Lord! Bestow upon us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the fire.

7) Allaahu Akbar

God is the greatest!

8) [Ruku position, the following is stated 3 times] Subhaana Rabbi-yal Azeem

Glory to my Lord the Exalted

9) [While in motion back to vertical position] Sami’a Allaahu liman hamidah

God listens to her who praises Her

10) Rabbanaa lakal hamdu

Oh our Lord, all praise is to You.

11) Allaahu Akbar

God is the greatest!

12) [In sujud position] Subhaana Rabbiyal A’alaa [repeated 3 times]

Oh God, glory be to You, the Most High

11) Allaahu Akbar [and then move into al-qiyyam / julus position]

God is the greatest!

12) [When in julus position] Athahiyyaatu lillaahi was-salawaatu wattayyibatu. Assalamu ‘alaika ayyuhan-nabiyu warahmatullaahi wabarka’tuhu. Assalamu ‘alaina wa’alaa ‘ibaadillaahis saa’liheen. Ash’had’u alla ilaha illallahu wa ash’hadu anna Muhammadan abd’uhu ea rasooluh.

All compliments, all physical prayer and all worship are for God. Peace be upon you, O’ Prophet, and God’s mercy and blessings be on you. Peace be on us and on all righteous slaves of God. I bear witness that no one is worthy of worship except God and I bear witness that Muhammad is Her slave and Messenger.

13) Allaahumma salle ‘alaa Muhammadin wa’alaa’ aale Muhammadin kama sallaiyta ‘alaa Ibraheema wa ‘aAlaa Aale Ibraheema. Innaka Hameedum Majeed. Allaahumma baarik ‘alaa Muhammadin wa ‘alaa aale Muhammadin kama baarakta ‘ala Ibraheema wa ‘alaa Aale Ibraheema. Innaka Hameedum Majeed.

Oh God, send grace and honour on Muhammad and on the family and true followers of Muhammad just as you sent Grace and Honour on Ibrahim and on the family and true followers of Ibrahim. Surely, you are praiseworthy, the Great. Oh God, send your blessings on Muhammad and the true followers of Muhammad, just as you sent blessings on Ibrahim and his true followers. Surely, you are Most Praiseworthy, the Exalted.

14) Assalamu ‘alai’kum warah’matullaah [said over right shoulder and then again over left shoulder]

Peace and mercy of God be on you.